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Weiman Legal Consulting offers Commercial and Contract Training and Consulting solutions 

  • Online (please visit http://www.cpdol.co.za) or as
  • Blended or face-to-face workshops that --
  • Are adapted to the clients commercial requirements www.contractconsulting.co.za
  • Are Contract Centric™ 
  • Are Risk Centric
  • Are Performance Based,  and integrate with
    • corporate governance demands, and 
    • business process and policies

The Contract Centric business philosophy follows an integrated value, epistemic and philosophical framework 

Weiman Legal Consulting's core value is the improvement of business legal and social efficacy by advancing knowledge of the Contact CentricTM basis of social, legal, and business disciplines and their discourse

Contract Training

Online Training - The Age of Corona

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Online Learning from Weiman Legal Consulting

The Online Training facility is in development - If you would like to participate please contact me though https://www.weiman.co.za or at weiman@axxess.co.za

Contract CentricTM Training


The Training Categories and the Training Course are introduced below and you can look at the course outlines in the Navigation on the left or by following the links below this page.

Conrtact Law Courses   Construction Contracting




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    These courses are online, self paced versions of face-to-face training events that are usually completed over two to three days in a group workshop environment and hosted by Weiman Legal Consulting's and their training provider partners.

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Pricing and Enrolment for courses

  • If you are interested in discussing pricing and enrolment on any of these courses please contact me
  • For more information about me please visit my main websites at .

You can also phone or WhatsApp me at 082 510 0186

  • Weiman Legal Consulting (http://www.weiman.co.za) and
  • Contract Consulting (Http://www.conrtactconsulting.co.za)

Contracting creates the future

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While science and design are important, in the real world projects are conrtracts and specificallly Construction Engineering and Building Contracts. 

Weiman Legal Consulting provides objective contract consulting services, and contract and commercial risk advice, at pre-award, award, and post award tender stages, as well as independent claims consulting advice, and contract administration and close out services during project execution.