Our clients

Submitted by gavin on Sun, 12/11/2016 - 22:50

Weiman Legal Consulting delivers  Contract Centric™ training to

  • Training Provider Partners, and
  • In-House Training

In partnership with our network of world class training providers 

Weiman Legal Consulting usually provides training in partnership with a network of training providers. Typically, in consultation with Weiman Legal Consulting, our training provider partner will research or tailor a specific course according to the requirements of that training provider's target market or clients'. The training provider will market the course, provide the venue, learning materials, and general administration, and Weiman Legal Consulting will research and develop the learning materials and provide the facilitation and consulting backend.

Direct to Clients

We are also able, where there is no conflict of interest with one of our training partners, to provide training courses in-house to your staff. We are also able to customise our contracting and legal courses to take into account or to critique your standard templates, policies, and procedures. Please contact us to discuss costs and available training dates.