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Online Training

Contract CentricTM Training

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Training (as well as coaching, mentoring, and consulting) is now provided

  • Online (please visit for details of
    online training) or as
  • Blended or face-to-face workshops (see below on this website)

TrainingThe Training Categories and the Training Course are introduced below and you can look at the course outlines in the Navigation on the left or by following the links below this page.

  • Construction Contracts and Contracting
    In addition to our foundation in Commercial Contracts and Contracting we specific expertise in Construction Contracting and Contracts.
  • Commercial Contracting
    Commercial Contracting Processes plan, form, administer, and close contracts to maximise profitatbilty within a framework of good corporate governance.
  • Commercial Contracts
    Purchase and Sale, Letting and Hiring, Service Contracts, Supply Contracts and others for the trasactional cenre of all business and many public entities
  • Public Contracting
    Public Contacting Processes plan, form, administer, and close contracts to achieve public administration frameworks and governance requirements under the rule of law
  • Legal Training
    The legal requirements of various contracts and business regulation amplify Commercial and Public transacting and management processes
  • Governance
    Management and administration within entities must integrate performance, risk, quality, and service management into operating policies and procedures to achieve shareholder value in business or public purposes for public entities.