Why 'Contract Centric Solutions'?

Contract CentricTM is a business philosophy that is infused into all our Training and Consulting services. It a trademark of Weiman Legal Consulting.  Contract CentricTM is the recognition that all commercial business entities, and, to a lesser degree, all public entities are transacting and therefor, in a very real sense, 'managed contracting proceses.'

Business inputs, with few exceptions, are contractual in nature.

  • Financial inputs include shares, debentures, financial instuments or loans, all contractual instruments, that need to be: sourced, comitted, administered and closed.
  • Human resources are contracts whose performaces are sourced, administered, and terminated.
  • Other resources are insources through contracting departments, whether goods, supplies, services or maintenance of facilities. Thes aquisitions or supplies must be planned for, soliticed, conrtacted for and their service levels administerd and then completed.

Management of a Business applies inbound contracts, converts them into product and service that the entity contributes to the marketplace

Outputs are likewise sales and other contracts with the customers of the entity

Conrtact CentricTM Busines Principles recognised this essential commerical nature in all their training and consulting services.